Profile of Qingdao Academy of Intelligent Industries

  • Qingdao Academy of Intelligent Industries(QAII)
  • Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotic Systems(IIMRS)
  • Institute of Intelligent Sensing and Networking Systems(IISNS)
  • Institute of Smart Agricultural Systems(ISAS)
  • Institute of Smart Healthcare Systems(ISHS)
  • Institute of Smart Enterprise Systems(ISES)
  • Institute of Smart Cities and Infrastructures(ISCI)
  • Institute of Smart Societies and Services(ISSS)
  • Institute of Smart EDucation Systems(ISEDS)
  • Institute of Smart Logistical Systems(ISLS)
  • Institute of Data Intelligence(IDI)
  • Institute of Intelligent Systems(IIS)
  • Institute of Intelligent Services Systems(IISS)
  • R&D and Innovation Center
  • Parellel workshop
  • Department of Administration
  • Department of Human Resources
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Research Management
  • Department of Industrialization Management

Founding Information

Qingdao Academy of Intelligent Industries (hereafter referred to as QAII) is jointly founded by Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau. It is officially registered as a new research institution with independent legal entity in May 2014.

Organization of QAII

QAII is mainly composed of “one institute (center), one enterprise, one industrial park, one industrial fund, and one platform”, namely, Qingdao Academy of Intelligent Industries (CASIA Center for Intelligent Systems and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Intelligent Industries Development Platform Corporation, Intelligent Industries Park, Intelligent Industries Fund, and Big Data Platform.

Currently, QAII includes 14 research institutes including Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Networks, Smart Agriculture, Smart Enterprise, Smart City, Smart Society, Smart Health, Smart Education, Intelligent Logistics, Intelligent Data, Intelligent Systems, Intelligent Services, Parallel Economy, Parallel Control, and one Technology Research and Development Center.

Talents and Research Team

QAII has established an academic and technology committee that composes of many academician and experts from both China and abroad. There are currently 258 staff, including 6 “1000 Talents Plan” experts, 4 “100 Talents Plan” members, 4 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 winner of National Natural Science Foundation Outstanding Youth Fund, 4 Editor-in-Chief of premier international journals, 126 staff with Master degree and above. QAII has gradually formed a major force of talents in intelligent fields.

Development of QAII

Based on principles of “Demand-Guided, Innovation-Driven, Joint Collaboration, and Steady Progressing”, QAII is committed to fully utilizing resources from different parties to attract talents in information, software, automation, and intelligence areas both from home and abroad. Through innovation of frontier intelligent industrial technology, development of emerging intelligent industries with core competitiveness, and technology transfer to products, QAII strives to build a technology innovation base, an emerging incubator of intelligent industries, a high-level center for talents training, and an institute for international academic exchange and education cooperation with international influence and reputation.

Since its establishment, QAII has founded the Intelligent Transportation Joint Research and Development Center, led the establishment of the Strategic Alliance Formation for Smart Agricultural Industrial Technology Innovation and the Strategic Alliance for Smart Health, actively taken participation into industrial alliance of 3D Printing, Smart Education, Smart Healthcare, and made full efforts for promoting the development of the related industries. QAII has gradually set up several joint laboratories with Shandong Province Gout Research Center, Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Tsinghua University, and other units. It signed cooperative agreements to jointly foster high-level talents training with well-known institutions such as University of Macau, University of California, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, and others.

Considering the rapid development of emerging intelligent industries and the talents shortage in Qingdao, QAII aims to build the first “Intelligent Technology Academy” in the world and establish the “Huangpu Military Academy” to train the “red-collar talents” in intelligent industries. Up to now, it has incubated more than 10 technological companies.

QAII aims to maintain an international foresight, create international standards, and lead the development of intelligent industries based on Parallel Intelligence based theories and technologies. The purpose is to help Qingdao become a city of innovation, a capital of entrepreneurs, and an island of maker culture.


青岛智能产业技术研究院 :Qingdao Academy of Intelligent Industries (QAII)

中科院自动化所:Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

青岛高新区管委会:Qingdao National High-tech Industrial Development Zone

青岛市科技局:Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau


CASIA Center for Intelligent Systems and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences